To Install Vessel Log, download the program by clicking on the link on the left side of this page. 

Once the VesselLog.zip file has been saved on your computer,  right-click on the VesselLog.zip icon and select Extract All.  Extract the files to your desktop then close the extract dialog.

Double-click on VesselLog folder  to open it and then double click on the Vessel Log installer to run that.  A dialog will come up that this is from an unknown publisher, click the Run button.

Go through the familiar InstallShield dialogs to install the program.  After you click the Install button you may get a dialog again about an Unknown publisher, click Yes to continue.

If this is not a new installation of this program you will be given the opportunity to repair or un-install the old version of the program before continuing.  Select Un-Install.

Close all the dialogs, and double-click the VesselLog icon to launch the program.

Save the VesselLog folder in a safe place so that should you need to install it again, you will not have to download the file.

You can delete the VesselLog.zip file.